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1. How does Saveajack work?
Saveajack is a quick release system designed specifically for scissor type stabilizers. Simply install saveajack on your trailer, RV or toyhauler and then slide the jacks on after arriving at your destination. A simple cotter pin locks the jacks in place.

2. How do you install Saveajack?
Savejack consists of two brackets. The top bracket attaches to your vehicle using self drilling screws provided. The bottom bracket attaches with carriage bolts and flanged nuts provided. After sliding the jack into the top bracket secure them into place with the 2 cotter pins also provided.

3. How does Saveajack protect my vehicle?
Typical stabilizer jacks hang four to five inches below your vehicles frame. They are susceptible to damage when driving on uneven surfaces and steep driveways. Saveajack allows for the easy removal of stabilizers when moving vehicle thus preventing damage.

4. Can I weld Saveajack ?
Saveajack is made of cold rolled steel and may be welded .

5. Where can I buy Saveajack?
We are currently acquiring distributers. The best way to buy Saveajack at this time is at our website www.Saveajack.com

6. Will Saveajack fit my existing stabilizers ?
Saveajack has elongated holes to allow a universal fit and will fit most brands of scissor type stabilizer jacks.

7. Will Saveajack fit my trailer?
Saveajack is designed to fit all trailers with a 2" wide vehicle frame.

8. How many Saveajacks in a box?

There are two per box, for two jacks. Jack not included


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